Thursday, January 20, 2022

If you can hammer or staple You can Upholster your chairs


 You should use more decorative upholstery tacks or nailheads...closer together, but I didn't have anymore and I wanted to use the rest of what I had on a Wing chair with the same fabric.

Fabric and Tacks came from

Note you can make curtains from the same fabric when you cover it yourself.   This one I took polaroids(old days) of each step as I took it apart so I could put it back together the same way.

I could make toss pillows out of the left over fabric

Here I found the chair fabric on the flat fold table and covered all the chairs but one larger one.  I loved the fabric so much but when there was none on the flat fold table  I went to the books and found it was a 250.00 a yard fabric.  The other chair was covered with something else.

Again-I was able to find a nice print that matched so I could make matching curtains and all on a water view..... Loved this place.

Another place I loved.... the old style wooden chairs are covered in the same fabric as the Draperies.... the adjoining kitchen table tablecloth was the same fabric and the slider draperies in the kitchen were the same.   You can do sooo much with fabric...

or GStreetFabrics Home Decorating department can do it all for you!!!

In Rockville, Maryland

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