Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Meetup Session Pants with Pockets

First, the purpose of this session is to be able to make a pair of pants with no fear.

If this is the first time you have done pockets, you will love them and put them in everything,--I do.  I love to have pockets to just stick my hands in when I am standing around.  

Measure your waist.  Measure your length from waist to where you want your pants to end.  Measure your hips.  (the widest part of your width about 8-9 inches below your waist.)  These measures will help you pick a pattern size, and also help you adjust a pattern if you need.

If you have a pair of pants that you like the fit, you can take a string and hold it from your waist in the front to the center seam where it meets at your crotch-front measure curve.  Then do the same in the back to the seam where it meets.  This will make it easier to determine the fit of the pants.  When you lay that string on the curve of your pattern piece, you can then tell if it needs adjusting.

These pants will have an elastic waist.  You will need a piece of elastic, non roll if you have a problem with your waistbands folding over in your elastic waist pants.   Non Roll elastic is the elastic that has a vertical ribbing going up and down on the elastic, so it is a little stiffer that just plain spandex elastic.  You can use either for these pants, whatever your preference.  Your waist length piece of elastic.  You are going to be sewing a circle that is the width of your waist but a little smaller so it will hold your pants up.  In sewing we use a lot of LOGIC.  Just think things through-Why do we do what we are doing.  We are going to sew the circle of the elastic so that is done and we don't have to thread it through the pants waist.  We are just going to fold the waistband top of the pants over the circle you have made with the elastic-then we will topstitch it over the elastic band.  It makes your pants quicker to make.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Total Outfits for Summer fun...from water to Boardwalk to Dinner

 Pants Tank and Dress from Sport Lycra-water wear... Chiffon jacket and scarf to wear over your boatneck dress for Restaurant wear or just flowing down the boardwalk

Thursday, January 20, 2022

If you can hammer or staple You can Upholster your chairs


 You should use more decorative upholstery tacks or nailheads...closer together, but I didn't have anymore and I wanted to use the rest of what I had on a Wing chair with the same fabric.

Fabric and Tacks came from

Note you can make curtains from the same fabric when you cover it yourself.   This one I took polaroids(old days) of each step as I took it apart so I could put it back together the same way.

I could make toss pillows out of the left over fabric

Here I found the chair fabric on the flat fold table and covered all the chairs but one larger one.  I loved the fabric so much but when there was none on the flat fold table  I went to the books and found it was a 250.00 a yard fabric.  The other chair was covered with something else.

Again-I was able to find a nice print that matched so I could make matching curtains and all on a water view..... Loved this place.

Another place I loved.... the old style wooden chairs are covered in the same fabric as the Draperies.... the adjoining kitchen table tablecloth was the same fabric and the slider draperies in the kitchen were the same.   You can do sooo much with fabric...

or GStreetFabrics Home Decorating department can do it all for you!!!

In Rockville, Maryland

Thursday, October 15, 2020




HOW EASY IS IT TO MAKE A PAIR OF CAPRIS....LESS Than a YARD of spandex or matte jersey and a tank less than a yard matte jersey or spandex... and some type of little OVER JACKET.... chiffon works great--YOU CAN BE STYLING TOOOO

there are many Floaty chiffon for great  jackets
This outfit dances on its own.....  My sewingwithkitty blog... goes through the steps of making it and adjusting it from this to a fitted bodice and set in sleeves after I started out with a kimono style jacket.... I attched the teared skirt to the top sliced it up and it became a Coat dress.... 

Now I am making the forest green underdress with some embroidered leaves to pull the outfit together and some espradrilles with suede wrap and tie tops.... 

Sewing can be sooooo fun and creative... whether simple as in capris and tank or a skirt or dress with overlays.... and remember... varigated threads make a simple stitch from your sewing machine look like hand embroidery.

This bag has tote handles and shoulder strap for when it is FULL!!

Buying Fabric?... Make a Fabric Bag for your new stash

Friday, January 10, 2020

2019 Highlights

Sunrise quillow and tote

Pug Quillow where the Pugs are doing people things

Reversible Fabulous Fur

Sweater Knit Simple Sewing