Thursday, October 15, 2020




HOW EASY IS IT TO MAKE A PAIR OF CAPRIS....LESS Than a YARD of spandex or matte jersey and a tank less than a yard matte jersey or spandex... and some type of little OVER JACKET.... chiffon works great--YOU CAN BE STYLING TOOOO

there are many Floaty chiffon for great  jackets
This outfit dances on its own.....  My sewingwithkitty blog... goes through the steps of making it and adjusting it from this to a fitted bodice and set in sleeves after I started out with a kimono style jacket.... I attched the teared skirt to the top sliced it up and it became a Coat dress.... 

Now I am making the forest green underdress with some embroidered leaves to pull the outfit together and some espradrilles with suede wrap and tie tops.... 

Sewing can be sooooo fun and creative... whether simple as in capris and tank or a skirt or dress with overlays.... and remember... varigated threads make a simple stitch from your sewing machine look like hand embroidery.

This bag has tote handles and shoulder strap for when it is FULL!!

Buying Fabric?... Make a Fabric Bag for your new stash

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